World War 1 Simulation Lesson Plan
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(Includes 1 year subscription to The WWI Online Platform)  This Simulation is Online Learning Ready!

The World War One Simulation is a hands on, interactive lesson plan that incorparates critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.  Students will assume the roles of world leaders in 1914.  Students are motivated to research their countries as well as the other countries to find out what other leaders motivations might be.  The concept of self-interest becomes very evident in this simulation.  Each country has objectives to complete which keeps the simulation from getting of course.  This World War 1 Lesson Plan will help you to Bring History To Life in your Classroom!

Enhancement: WW1 Online Simulation

Common Core Ready!

You need 1 teacher license for every teacher that is going to be using the simulation.  The number of students or classes involved in the simulation does not matter.  You can use the simulation as many times as you want. If you need to add a teacher license: Adding a Simulation Teacher License

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World War One Simulation and Lesson Plan + 1 Year Online

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