Social Studies Concepts Graphics
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This is a collection of Social Studies Concepts Graphics that will print out on a regular sheet of paper and are in JPEG format. In my classroom, we printed these on card stock and then laminated them with sleeves, posted them on the wall with the adhesive clips so we could take them off the wall and tape the current units concepts on the wipe board at the front of the room. This allows students to view the current concepts every day. There are 53 Concepts that you can print and have your school laminate to post in your classroom. Each concept graphic comes with a definition and a historical example.  Concepts included are: Alliance, Authority, Balance, Budget/Deficit/Surplus, Change, Checks & Balances, Civilization, Colonialism, Communism, Conflict, Conquest, Consequence, Continuity, Cooperation, Culture, Democratization, Depression/Recession/Recovery, Diffusion, Domestic & Foreign Policy, Era, Escalation, Exploration, Fascism, Genocide, Government Systems, Identity, Imperialism, Industrialization, Inflation/Deflation, Interdependence, Invasion, Isolation, Leadership, Markets, Migration, Militarism, Nationalism, Natural Resources, Patterns, Religion, Revolution, Self Interest, Social Systems, Socialism, Supply & Demand, Time, Tolerance, Total War, Totalitarianism, Trade, Value, Values & Beliefs, War  and a Social Studies Concepts Cover. This is a digital product and comes in a compressed zip file. 

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Social Studies Concepts Graphics

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