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     The activity begins with 8 groups representing European Countries.  At the start, each country has natural resources and industrial production that are equal in size.  Groups have the option of spending their national income on research and development to increase their industrial production, their military for military conquest in Asia and Africa or they may save some income for a later turn.  As each country makes their moves, students are watching and learning from each other.  As Industrial production grows, income will only grow if markets and natural resources grow at the same rate.  Graphs of each country's Industrial Production, Natural Resources and Markets show students where they are lacking.  Because this activity is made up of Microsoft Word and Excel documents, it is completely customizable.  

You need 1 teacher license for every teacher that is going to be using the simulation.  The number of students or classes involved in the simulation does not matter.  You can use the simulation as many times as you want.  

I wanted to do something different with Imperialism this year.   My priorities for this activity were to:

1. Get the students engaged in the concepts, create situations where students could collaborate in groups and have substantive conversations. I also wanted to keep the activity to Three 40 minute class periods.  


Key Objectives of the Activity:


A. Understand the inter-relationship between: industrial production, natural resources and markets. (Why Imperialism happened)


B. Understand the general geography of Africa.


C. Understand how the advancement of technology impacted colonies and parent countries.

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European Imperialism Simulation Lesson Plan +1 Year Online

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