Diverse Societies In Early Africa Presentations
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This product includes a Keynote (Apple) and Power Point (Microsoft) presentations for "Diverse Societies In Early Africa".  The Presentation covers Subjects: 

Physical Africa, Sahara, Kalahari, Great Rift Valley, Hunting-Gathering, Efe, Pastoral Society, Climate Change, Stateless Societies, Lineages, Igbo, Patrilineal, Matrilineal, Age Set System, Polytheism, Desertification, Iron Age, Nok Culture, Djenne.. The Presentations include animations on maps to show students the sequence of historical events.  These are fully customizable, add your own graphics or change ours to fit your needs and curriculum/style.

You must have Microsoft Office Suite: Power Point or Apple's Keynote Presentation Software to use these presentations.  

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Diverse Societies In Early Africa History Presentations

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