Cold War keynote PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. Harms Keynotes/Power Points use animation to bring your presentations to life and help students understand the sequence of historical events. The presentations are totally customizable, add your own pictures, graphics and animations to take what we've done even farther. At less than $5.00, it will save you time and lay the foundation for presentations that help students understand and remember. Subjects: The Yalta Conference, United Nations, Iron Curtain, Potsdam Conference, Containment, Domino Theory, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Berlin Wall, Berlin Airlift, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Nuclear War, Arms Race, Brinksmanship, ICBM, Sputnik and Apollo Moon Program.

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Cold War: Superpowers Face Off 1945-1960's Keynote/PowerPoint

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