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(Includes 1 year subscription to The Civil War Online Platform). This Simulation is Online Learning Ready!

The Civil War Simulation is an interactive lesson plan that gets students involved and excited about History. Students will take the roles of leaders during the Civil War and will be confronted with the same problems they faced. Students will have to problem solve to strategize and overcome these obstacles. This hands-on approach to learning history will create more comprehension and long term learning because you will have captured their attention and kept them interested. The excitement of a simulation creates long term learning.

Objectives of the Civil War Simulation/ Lesson Plan Students will understand:

>Why the Election of 1860 split the country in two.

>How the United States Navy blockaded Foreign shipments of natural resources and manufactured goods to the South.

>How the railroad infrastructure of the Northern states gave the Union a decisive advantage in moving troops and resources.

>How the overwhelming industrial capacity of the North had a significant effect on the Union war effort.

>How Natural Resources are important to a country's industry

>How the South was able to put up such a tremendous fight against Union forces.

Common Core Ready!

You need 1 teacher license for every teacher that is going to be using the simulation.  The number of students or classes involved in the simulation does not matter.  You can use the simulation as many times as you want.  If you need to add a teacher license: Adding a Simulation Teacher License


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Civil War Simulation and Lesson Plan + 1 Year Online

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