Church Reform and The Crusades Presentations
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This product includes a Keynote (Apple) and Power Point (Microsoft) presentations for "Church Reform and The Cruades".  The Presentation covers Subjects: Dark Ages, Age of Faith, Simony, Lay Investiture, Government Systems, Pope Leo IX, Pope Gregory VII, Papal Curia, Canon Law, Dominicans, Francis of Assisi, Poor Clares, Romanesque, Gothic, The Crusades, Pope Urban II, 1st Crusade, 2nd Crusade, 3rd Crusade, 4th Crusade, Jerusalem, Saladin, Richard Lion heart, Children's Crusade, Spanish Crusade, Reconquista, Inquisition, Heresy. The Presentations include animations on maps to show students the sequence of historical events.  These are fully customizable, add your own graphics or change ours to fit your needs and curriculum/style.

You must have Microsoft Office Suite: Power Point or Apple's Keynote Presentation Software to use these presentations.  

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Church Reform & The Crusades Society History Presentations

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